Geoscape Solar Delivers Smart Commercial Solar Solutions in New Jersey

Our vision is living in a world where renewable energy and storage systems replace fossil fuels.

Geoscape Solar was designed from the ground up to be a leader in the commercial solar energy space. We combine a transparent, consultative process and deep solar design, installation, and financing expertise to craft customized solutions for each customer’s energy needs. We install commercial solar solutions in New Jersey that are developed for maximum efficiency. This ensures lower operating expenses and the fastest ROI (return on investment) for your company.

Achieve energy independence, reduce your carbon footprint, and meet your corporate sustainability goals by converting to solar with us. With two locations in the New Jersey metropolitan area, we install commercial solar solutions in multiple locations throughout the country.

Auto dealerships consume high amounts of energy, and continuously rising utility bills negatively impact bottom lines. Preserve cash flow and the environment by switching to clean, sustainable solar energy. Tax incentives, lower monthly bills, and a positive ROI lead to accelerated savings and a revved-up revenue.

From powering combines to storing crops, agricultural operations require substantial energy usage. But as energy costs go up, the trustworthiness of traditional electricity goes down. That’s where solar for agriculture comes in. Qualifying New Jersey farmers and agriculture businesses can save up to 75-80% on installation costs through federal tax credits, grants, and state solar incentive programs. Powering your property for less has never been easier.

Solar panels significantly benefit outdoor spaces like parking lots, recreation areas, and sporting facilities. These locations often require lighting, maintenance facilities, or concession stands that need power, which solar can provide sustainably and cost-effectively. Integrating solar panels into these spaces can help reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Office buildings, factories, and other workplaces often have high energy usage. Solar panels can provide a reliable power source to meet these needs while being much more economical than traditional sources like fossil fuels. Additionally, they can help businesses conserve resources and reduce their environmental footprint.

Solar panels help reduce operating costs for churches, synagogues, and other places of worship, as they can provide a sustainable power source without generating noise or occupying ample space. Clean energy in these spaces can help reduce the environmental impact of religious institutions while cutting down costs associated with running them.

Hotels and resorts require large amounts of power. Solar panels provide electricity without generating noise or occupying large amounts of space. By installing solar, you will reduce utility costs and conserve resources. Solar energy powers swimming pools, lighting systems, air conditioning units, and other items that require high utility usage.

Solar panels provide schools with a reliable power source while reducing costs associated with electricity and conserving resources. Solar-powered lighting, heating, cooling, and technology are a few of the ways schools can reduce their operating costs.

Solar powers medical equipment and office technology. Using solar in medical facilities also helps reduce the environmental impact of healthcare institutions while providing clean, renewable energy.

Landlords of multi-family homes have a unique opportunity to save on utility costs and enhance the sustainability of their properties with solar power. Solar panels provide a reliable, cost-effective power source to multi-family homes. By switching to solar, landlords reduce the environmental footprint of their properties, making them more appealing to eco-conscious tenants.

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