2019 is The Chinese Zodiac Year of The Pig. Here at Geoscape Solar, we are calling it “The Year of The Piggy Bank.” The year ahead is predicted to be crucial in terms of how we invest, how we save, and how sustainably we choose to live.

After experiencing the volatility of the 2018 stock market, investors are looking for more secure vehicles to put their money into. Analysts predict many solar stocks are poised to soar in 2019. This is due to both international growth and US demand. Growth in energy storage more than tripled in 2018. This allowed commercial solar energy systems to be more efficient, more productive and less costly.  As of January 2019, the cost of solar panels continues to fall.

The end of the 30% Solar Federal Tax Credit  is at the stoke of midnight on January 1, 2020. This means the savings that property owners are able to leverage in 2019 will never be better. The current 30% tax savings enables solar energy systems to pay for themselves at an accelerated rate.

A recent UN Report gave our planet 12 years to fix our Greenhouse Gas Emissions before we will all start to feel a drastic economic bite as a result of climate change. This gives property owners more of an incentive to reduce their monthly utility bills and produce their own green energy to help protect the global economy.

Going solar in 2019 is the right decision for owners who are looking to invest in gaining income from their property, operate sustainably, and put more money in their Piggy Bank. Contact Geoscape Solar to discover more about how to maximize your solar savings.