Congratulations! Your business has gone solar! You’re saving money on your utilities and enjoying the tax benefits that a solar energy system provides. Now, how do you let both your community and your customers know that your business is now sustainable?

According to multiple Neilson reports, 81% of respondents strongly believe that businesses should be improving our environment. 66% of consumers reported that they would be more loyal to a brand that marketed themselves as sustainable.

In January, a CGS 2019 U.S. Consumer Sustainability Survey reported that 28% of the consumers they surveyed are loyal to brands and entities that have ethical and sustainable business practices.

Being modest about the investment you’ve made in commercial solar energy means that your company is missing out on an opportunity to promote sustainability as part of its brand’s mission. In this arena, Geoscape Solar is not only your Solar Energy Partner but your Marketing Partner as well. Geoscape Solar will help you identify the best ways and practices to help let your customers, clients, congregants, community members and employees know that your company is committed to sustainability.

Here are 5 added-value services that Geoscape Solar can provide to market your business:

1.  Don’t be afraid to say those 3 little words:  “WE’VE GONE SOLAR!”

Make the announcement. Geoscape Solar can help you tell your story to use as a Press Release or an e-mail to your database or employees. Let your community know that your brand is synonymous with reducing Carbon Dioxide in the air they breathe. Let loyal employees know that you’re taking cars off their roads. Let consumers know you’re planting trees in their environment.

2. If it isn’t posted on Facebook, did it really happen?

Success on Social Media requires the right visual content in order to properly engage your audience. Geoscape Solar can help by supplying photographs of your property with the finished commercial solar array. Do you want to post a video that tells the your Solar Story? A slideshow of how your company is impacting the planet? Geoscape Solar’s team of graphic designers and photo editors can help make that happen. Geoscape Solar will also work with your Marketing Department to make sure your posts are cross promoted on all of our social media channels.

Drone Photography of The Wilshire Grand Hotel in West Orange, NJ used for Lobby Display, System Information Cards for each guest room, and Social Media Marketing. All materials designed and executed by Geoscape Solar.

3. Extreme Makeover: Lobby Edition

Your lobby décor is both the first and last impression you give to a customer.  Geoscape Solar can help you use your property to make everyone who walks through your doors is aware that your company is powered by solar energy. This can include a flat-screen that displays your green energy production in real time. Or a mounted poster that highlights how your Geoscape Solar system is making a difference. We can create table brochures and displays that promote your decision to go solar, or a personalized canvass photo of your system to proudly hang on your walls. Depending on the available space in your business or non-profit, the possibilities to enhance brand reputation in your lobby are endless.

4.  Made You Look!

According to recent studies, Print Ads still provide marketing opportunities that digital media will never be able to offer. Print ads offer a level of trust that search engines have not been able to compete with. 65% of the world’s population are visual learners ad that gives print has the advantage of a medium that isn’t static. Geoscape Solar’s marketing team can help you design and provide copy for multitudes of print outlets. This includes billboards, banners, flyers, direct mail pieces and advertorials that tell your solar story.  Billboards can be a great visual to engage potential customers if your solar array isn’t visible from a main road.

5. Did Someone Say Party?

Community Events are a great way to stand out from the competition and let your community know that you’re a forward thinking entity that cares about the future. Sponsor an event in your community and Geoscape Solar can provide you with staff to knowledgeably discuss how your production of green energy positively impacts their environment. Host a party when you get Permission To Operate and “flip the switch” to commercial solar energy in public. Geoscape Solar can help you with invitations, attendance promotion, and provide you with promotional collateral to distribute.

Going Solar with Geoscape Solar is a long-term partnership. We want to listen, to brainstorm, and assist you in promoting your brand as one that prioritizes and practices sustainability.  Reach out to your Solar Advisor or our Marketing Department at 1.877.GEO.SUN.1  ext. 117 to enhance your ROI with a personalized solar marketing campaign.

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