Spread the good word about Solar Energy in New Jersey!

You believe in the benefits of solar energy to help protect the environment and save money, so spread the good word about Geoscape Solar’s solar energy installation in New Jersey. Help your neighbors, friends, employees, colleagues, and family members reduce their carbon footprint and avoid rising energy costs.

Commercial Project Brookdale Reformed Church.

Universal Tool Commercial Solar Project

Brand Your Business As Sustainable

An easy way to enhance your reputation and add to your revenue stream is to help others to go solar. We provide co-branded collateral with your business logo. Your clients, vendors, and employees are introduced to Geoscape Solar and receive a complimentary solar consultation. When Geoscape Solar installs their solar energy system, you receive a referral bonus.

Hope Church Sacred Spaces Solar Installation

An Easy Way To Fundraise Without Asking For A Dime!

We provide co-branded collateral for your non-profit. Your supporters and congregants get a complimentary consultation. Your non-profit gets a cash donation from Geoscape Solar for every installed participant in Geoscape’s Faith in Solar™ program! The rewards are as follows:

– $500 Per Residential Solar Project

– $2,500+ (5 Cents Per Watt) Per Commercial or Non-Profit Solar Project

Everybody wins! Supporters have a solar system installed immediately saving on their energy costs.

Your non-profit organization raises money without asking for a dime!

The More Geoscape Solar Systems Installed, the more Geoscape will donate to your organization!

New Jersey Residential Solar Installation

Homeowner Referral Program

When you refer a homeowner who is interested in solar from Geoscape Solar, we will send you $500 per installed residential project. Know a business who is interested in going solar? You could receive $25 per kW! You get a financial boost for doing something that already feels good – helping people save money and supporting the clean energy movement.

Our solar referral program is easy to use.

  1. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about the benefits of going solar with Geoscape Solar.
  2. Fill out the form with your information and their information or have them mention you when they contact us.
  3. We’ll take it from there to schedule an informative, no-pressure consultation.
  4. When they become a Geoscape Solar customer, you are paid a referral bonus.

You don’t have to be a Geoscape Solar customer to earn a referral bonus and there is no limit to the amount of referral bonuses you can earn!


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