One of the first ways we know that Winter is around the corner is when we set our clocks back. This ritual is inevitably the start of shorter days and higher costs to heat your home. The best way to protect yourself from the rising costs of heating your property is by converting to Solar Energy.

There is a misconception that solar panels do not work during the winter. Contrary to this belief, the cold temperature will typically improve solar panel output. As solar panels work with light, not heat, the snow naturally reflects light and can help improve PV performance. While it is true that solar panels covered with snow do not produce energy, most panels are installed at the angle that best captures sunlight, therefore most snow should melt and slide off on its own. Solar panels are smooth so snow doesn’t stick to them like it would to rough roof shingles.

Quality solar panels are designed to bear the weight of accumulated snow. Quality solar panels undergo pressure tests to assess durability and are assigned a rating. Higher pressure ratings indicating that your panels are better at withstanding the weight of heavy snow.

Another plus for going solar in the winter is that most solar panels function more efficiently in cold weather than in hot weather. Your panels will produce more power per hour of sunshine during the shorter days of winter.

In addition to considering Solar Energy to save money on your utility bills, Geoscape Solar recommends 5 simple steps to maximize your energy usage during the cold, winter months ahead:

1. Replace your furnace filter; get it serviced to increase efficiency.
2. Check your attic to make sure it is fully insulated.
3. Install weather stripping on your windows and doors.
4. Use window treatments to let sunlight in during the day and block out the cold at night.
5. Inspect and clean your fireplace before you light the first fire of the season.

Solar energy can reduce or eliminate your utility bills during ALL 4 Seasons of the year in any climate. However, the most important step in your solar journey is not when you go solar, but who you chose to design, install and finance your solar energy system. Going solar is an investment in both your property and your financial future. Geoscape Solar is a proven solar partner that has been trusted by property owners or over a decade.

Geoscape Solar consistently demonstrates the highest possible standards of quality, transparency, and customer service. Geoscape Solar’s financial team keeps abreast of the latest New Jersey Solar Energy Tax Credits, SREC incentives and offers a wide range of financing options for solar projects. Geoscape Solar was named Sun Power’s Top Commercial Regional Producer for 2017 and consistently makes Solar Power World’s List of Top 500 Solar Companies.