What Kind Of Equipment Do You Use?

We feature highly efficient technology, currently including SunPower, LG, QCells, WAAREE and REC panels and components, and continually research new products to suit all types of solar solutions. Our solar engineers will specify which equipment is best suited to your property and energy needs.

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What Happens To Solar Production When It’s Cloudy Or Raining?

Solar panels absorb the greatest amount of solar energy when they are in direct sunlight, but they continue to capture indirect sunlight when it’s overcast, or raining. Rain can provide an unexpected benefit by rinsing debris off of the panels, which allows them to perform at their best. Geoscape Solar offers panel cleaning at an [...]

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What If I Need A New Roof For My Property?

We recommend doing installations on roofs that are less than 10 years old and strongly recommend replacing a roof that is in poor condition before installing panels on top of it. The cost of the new roof can be integrated into your solar project. An added bonus of a roof mounted solar array is that [...]

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