s a third-party energy advisor, you need options that enable you to generate revenue while still serving your client’s best interests. Working with a solar energy partner to provide your clients with commercial solar energy systems can meet both requirements.Commercial solar energy systems have grown in adoption over the past years and show no signs of stopping. With the latest Inflation Reduction Act boost, commercial solar capacity is expected to grow by more than 2 gigawatts by 2027.

You can work with a solar energy partner to take advantage of this trend. These partnerships require a minimal commitment on your end while providing a steady income from referrals when your clients choose commercial solar energy solutions.

Work with a Solar Energy Partner

Third-party energy advisors strive to provide the best advice and solutions for their client’s energy needs. Working with a solar energy partner is among the most effective ways to do this, taking advantage of their flexible solutions and industry expertise.

Commercial solar energy systems can be a viable solution for a wide range of clients. Your solar energy partner will handle the entire process, matching the appropriate solar energy solution to your client’s needs and ensuring professional execution.

If you have a client with a suitable property, a solar energy partner can provide a solution that enables them to offset energy costs. As a third-party energy advisor, you’ll receive referral payments for projects carried out by the solar energy partner for your clients.

Even if your clients don’t seem to be in the financial position for commercial solar energy, your solar energy partner can provide various financing options. More clients may be able to benefit from commercial solar energy than you might think.

The most critical point in working with a solar energy partner is that they handle the process from start to finish. You receive your referral payments while they take care of financing, design, installation, and maintenance.

Take Advantage of the Commercial Solar Boom

Starting your relationship with a solar energy partner today could be a great asset over the coming years. Commercial solar energy is growing rapidly, with businesses across the country adopting solar energy systems. Even with the economic downturn, commercial energy system installation still grew by 5% in 2021.

Commercial solar energy systems can provide solutions for a wide range of clients within your base. Offices, warehouses, schools, medical facilities, multi-family housing, and other properties are all prime candidates for commercial solar energy.

These commercial projects come in all sizes, with large installations being common. Geoscape Solar installed a 1,082-kW system for Cranford Business Park, accounting for 99% of its energy usage.

This rooftop installation for a multi-tenant business park shows how big these projects can be. As a third-party energy advisor, you stand to generate significant referral payments when you bring these kinds of clients to your solar energy partner.

Provide the Best Options for Your Clients

You can work with a solar energy partner to generate additional revenue while also providing the best energy solutions for your customers. You can help your clients save more on their energy costs, leaving them satisfied and developing your reputation.

A solar energy partner can provide options that deliver exceptional savings for your clients. With their industry knowledge, they ensure that eligible clients receive the full benefit of solar incentives, including the newly extended Solar Federal Tax Credit.

They can also identify potential opportunities for solar energy system installation for properties that you wouldn’t think are suitable. Along with roof space on primary and auxiliary buildings, they can install solar energy systems over parking lots and other areas.

With a solar energy partner, everybody wins. You can build consistent passive income from the referrals that you generate from your clients. Your clients save on energy every month and can use the many financing options to take full advantage of commercial solar, whether or not they’re in a position to make a capital investment.

Build a Lasting Partnership That Provides Passive Income

By working with a solar energy partner, third-party energy advisors can open the door to significant revenue from referrals while the partner manages the entire project. You enjoy a new source of revenue and ensure that you deliver the best available solutions for your clients.

Geoscape Solar is a trusted solar energy partner to unlock many such opportunities. It’s a one-stop shop for commercial solar energy systems, with an experienced team managing the entire project. It can handle financing, design, installation, and more to provide the best for your clients.

At Geoscape Solar, we help businesses utilize solar energy for profit. Your business will become energy independent, be able to decrease utility costs, and leverage available solar incentives for a quick ROI.

To discover how installing solar energy on your property will increase your business profitability, contact one of our energy specialists!