Project Description


Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks’ owners were believers in green energy, but not convinced that solar energy was the right financial solution for the vast energy needs of their properties.


Geoscape Solar won the project as a result of multiple client referrals and the initial engineering design on Hunts Pier (Maintenance Pier). When the financial property analysis Geoscape provided became a reality, Morey’s Piers jumped to do more. Installing solar energy is now a top fiscal priority for the company and they proudly marketing their venue as environmentally conscience. Geoscape Solar has since added solar energy systems to two of their hotels: The Pan American and The Port Royal, rides, additional piers and their beachfront solar cabanas. Morey’s Piers continues to seek out additional solar opportunities we can design and install on their multi-use properties.

Environmental Impact

lbs. of Carbon Removed
# Trees Planted
# Miles Taken Off The Road