Installing a solar energy system is a powerful way for property owners to control their bottom line. Whether that means revenue, disposable income or freeing up operating capital, the choice to go solar eliminates the challenge of budgeting based on unpredictable monthly utility bills. It is also an opportunity to strengthen the local economy and produce green energy in the process. How can the choice of solar installer influence the outcome on installing solar panels on your property?

While the industry is committed to strong standards for consumers, some solar installers have recently come under scrutiny for aggressive sales tactics and unfair business practices. Many start up solar companies quickly fail and leave their current solar customers stranded. For many solar installers, solar is not their primary focus and they lack experience in financing, system design, optimizing tax credits and technical installation. Selecting a solar company that has been company that exclusively installs solar (as opposed to a roofing company or HVAC company that also installs solar), has been in business for a significant period of time and is able to provide quality references to ensure the best outcome of any solar investment.

After 10 years in solar installations, Geoscape Solar is an industry leader in New Jersey. With local offices in Mount Laurel, Cape May and Florham Park, Geoscape Solar installs and helps finance solar energy systems for commercial properties and non-profit organizations.

Geoscape Solar consistently demonstrates the highest possible standards of quality, transparency, and customer service. Geoscape Solar’s financial team keeps abreast of the latest New Jersey Solar Energy Tax Credits, SREC incentives and offers a wide range of financing options for solar projects. Geoscape Solar was named Sun Power’s Top Commercial Regional Producer for 2017 and consistently making Solar Power World’s List of Top 500 Solar Companies.

Going solar is an investment in both your property and your financial future. Geoscape Solar is a proven solar partner that has been trusted by property owners or over a decade.