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Solar for Agriculture & Farms

Why Do  Agriculture Growers and Farmers Choose Geoscape Solar?

The farming and agricultural industry is known for energy-intensive operations. Geoscape Solar understands the unique energy challenges include everything from powering equipment, to refrigeration needs, to keeping areas at the right climate for growth and livestock care. Energy costs continue to rise which makes traditional grid-tied electricity less reliable and hurts profitability.

Solar panels have emerged as a unique solution for farmers as it produces sustainable energy and provides a measurable financial boost to their bottom line. Many farms and agriculture properties are in the unique position to qualify for multiple Federal and State solar tax credits, incentives, grants, and loans which can reduce, if not completely cover the cost of a solar energy installation.

Solar Incentives For Agriculture and Farms Include:

Geoscape Solar specializes in powering farms to free up cash flow for increased profit or re-investment into your business. Our solar energy experts help farmers and agriculture growers receive the maximum number available incentives for the shortest possible payback period on their solar investment. Monthly solar savings begin the moment the solar energy system is turned on.

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Solar Energy Grows Savings

Geoscape Solar not only understands the unique aspects of  solar for agriculture and farming, but is highly skilled at designing solar energy systems that include ground mounts, raised ground mounts that can be used for grazing or growth, rooftop arrays, or a combination of the three to ensure maximum energy efficiency for your farm.

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