We focus on keeping your solar system performing as expected.

Our Operations & Maintenance team specializes in solar maintenance, replacement, and repair. We focus on making sure that your investment performs up to expectations. Our plan includes solar repairs, preventive maintenance, and production analysis. You can depend on Geoscape Solar as your partner that keeps you energy independent. Should your New Jersey residential solar system ever develop a problem, we will find a solution.

Geoscape offers full service warrany to replace or repair solar system parts, production monitoring, and scheduled cleaning and maintenance

Home Solar Services

We committed to providing premium maintenance service that gives you the peace of mind, so you can enjoy the benefits of solar throughout its lifetime without worrying should an issue arise. Here are some examples of the residential services we provide:

  • Site Assessment – Geoscape will conduct a detailed viability study using the supplied system proposal. Our  Solar Technician will conduct a detailed shade study and system photos will be provided.
  • Consulting – Geoscape provides technical expertise and recommendations with design, technology, Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) issues and consumer/installer quality concerns.
  • Inverter Troubleshooting – If your inverter is experiencing error code or performance issues, we will perform string testing (if applicable). We will repair and/or contact manufacturer’s tech support if necessary. 
  • String Inverter Replacement – Geoscape will replace inverters, recording old and new serial number. We will confirm operation with manufacturer prior to leaving site.
  • Micro Inverter/Optimizer Replacement – Geoscape will replace microinverters and optimizers, recording old and new serial numbers. We will confirm operation with manufacturer prior to leaving site.
  • Meter Swap – Geoscape will install a meter at the existing location and confirm with manufacturer or reporting party, checking on the last kWh reading if available.
  • Module Replacement – If necessary, we can install compatible modules and replace in accordance with inverter and racking specifications. We will document existing panels and new panel serial number.
  • PV System Removal – When removal is necessary, we will thoroughly document system condition before and after removal.*
  • PV System Removal and Reinstallation – Geoscape will remove all solar components and store onsite, then we will reinstall the system according to original plan set. All additional materials will comply with original install quality standards.*
*Storage and transportation not included
  • Monitoring Troubleshooting – If there is a solar monitoring system failure, we will troubleshoot the condition of existing monitor and confirm with manufacturer support if monitor is no longer operational.
  • Full System Health Check – Geoscape will provide you with a comprehensive home solar system inspection with images and fully documented report on system verification, visual reporting, and solar inspection results.
  • Module Cleaning – In certain areas, especially near agriculture or desert, dirt and debris can build up on your panels, causing them to produce less energy than they should. Geoscape will clean modules and will provide before and after pictures.
  • Critter Guard Installation – To keep animals from nesting and damaging your system, Geoscape will install critter guard per manufacturer specifications. Includes documentation of the condition of array before and after installation.
  • Roof Leak Investigation – Geoscape can inspect roof, attic, or other access under roof to determine whether a roof leak was caused by a solar installation.


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