Purchasing a solar energy system is a major investment which requires a great deal of research and due diligence to make the best choices in system design, system components, maximize solar energy needs and most important: a commercial solar installer that you can trust as a partner for the lifetime of your system.  Geoscape Solar believes that our best customer is an educated consumer. We expect that our future customers will get multiple bids before deciding who to partner with for their solar journey. With that in mind, here are 5 key questions that every thorough solar energy proposal should answer:

1) Does the system design meet the maximum amount of your energy needs?

The design should be based on the space you have available to install solar panels, your historical kW energy usage, and the quality of panels that are installed. It is not always possible to cover 100% of your usage. Be wary of the solar installer that over-promises what your system will generate.

2) Has a solar advisor come to property to do a comprehensive solar analysis prior to submitting a proposal?

Most credible commercial solar companies will offer a complimentary consultation and solar analysis of your property. Without an on-site visit, it is difficult to determine how a solar energy system can perform to maximum efficiency.

An initial view of your property via satellite can rule a property as viable or not viable for solar energy, it doesn’t take the place of an on-site visit prior to submitting a solar system design.

 3) Are your solar production estimates guaranteed by the solar installer?

This is a pertinent question to pose to every solar energy installer who presents you with a proposal. The biggest exposure a property owner faces is your system not performing as well as the design was proposed to do. Geoscape Solar ensures Solar Sone Right which promises that we will stand behind our performance guarantees.

4) Are both the products and their standard warranties being used in your solar energy system a part of the proposal?

The specifics and efficiency of the equipment your installer will be using should be clearly defined to you. You should receive spec sheets, rating reports, and manufacturer warranties for each major aspect of your solar energy system. Where are these parts manufactured? The solar industry standard for a quality solar panel warranty is 25 years. Make sure that you trust that the solar installer you chose is likely to be around in 25 years and will advocate for you should you need to enforce the manufacturer warranties.

5) Are both the pricing and the terms clearly defined?

Going back to our original statement, converting to commercial solar energy is a major investment in your property.  Make sure that all items on the proposal are clearly defined. If you choose to finance your system, once your financing is secure, your solar advisor should walk you through the financed price and your monthly payments.


Make sure the product specifications, services, warranties, and prices are transparent and clearly defined.

Make sure your solar advisor visits your home to do a solar assessment before selling you a system.

Evaluate your current and future energy needs, talk with your solar advisor to make sure the system is not over or under sized.

Make sure your solar installer is established in the NJ area solar industry and understands local policies and procedures.

Evaluate: How long has your solar partner been in business? Will the company be around for the lifetime of your solar energy system?