In 2011, a group of solar companies located in multiple regions in the US, came together and created a national organization where independent commercial solar installers could support each other by pooling both their purchasing power and their best practices.  In 2015, Geoscape Solar was asked to join this group of solar companies as the New Jersey market ambassador. As members of the Amicus Solar Cooperative, Geoscape Solar, a medium-sized solar company, is able to negotiate equipment prices with the purchasing power of a $500 Million Dollar Company.

Currently, the Amicus Solar Cooperative has 51 member-owners with office locations in 38 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada. Collaboratively, we have licenses to operate in all 50 states and continue to grow! Our cooperative is owned and led by its member companies.  Amicus members pass enhanced purchasing power along to customers by offering the best solar pricing on high-quality solar energy system installations.  

The Benefits of Geoscape Solar’s Partnership with Amicus Solar Include:

We purchase better equipment at lower prices, this allows us to provide better pricing 

Your system’s performance, quality and operational efficiency are optimized based on Amicus members sharing best practices and technical knowledge

Access to top-tier partners to work with for solar financing, design, and product warranties

Amicus vets all suppliers and exclusively choses companies with positive track records. This means that the equipment you’re investing in is the best equipment that is currently available

Support local NJ installers instead of larger, national companies without sacrificing cost or quality 

Amicus is interested in maintaining thriving, local solar installation companies and creating a competitive advantage via pooled purchasing power. By empowering local solar companies to compete on the same economic playing field with larger, solar installation chains, both jobs and money stay in the local economy.

Amicus Solar Cooperative members are mission driven, vision aligned businesses. Geoscape Solar’s mission is to provide energy alternatives that build a more sustainable difference. We inspire, we educate, and we make it easy to make a difference.