In 1839,  Edmond Becquerel, a French physicist working in France, discovered the photovoltaic process that produces a voltage or electric current when exposed to light or radiant energy. 194 years later, solar energy has grown into the most efficient, cost effective, and sustainable way to power your business.  With the passage of  the Inflation Reduction Act which provides new solar incentives, including a 30% tax credit, there has never been a better year than 2023 for business owners to wean themselves off rising utility rates, switch to solar energy, and establish themselves as an sustainable entity. By converting to commercial solar energy, you will see a fast and significant return on investment that will enable you to grow your business in 2023. While the price of solar energy has decreased over the decades, current supply chain has indicated that the price of solar energy materials and labor is not going to drop significantly in the near future. By NOT converting to solar energy in 2023, you’re missing today’s entry point into significant, ongoing utility savings.

Geoscape Solar shows that More solar energy will be installed because of the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act

What are the broad benefits of going solar in 2023?

Solar energy is one of the most beneficial renewable energy resources available to the business community. It has a low cost of entry and provides immediately noticeable returns on investment for businesses across various industries in New Jersey. Solar energy also helps reduce carbon emissions, allowing organizations to make a positive contribution towards addressing climate change issues. Commercial solar is an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient power sources that also provide long-term economic benefits and reduced environmental impact. Consider harnessing the renewable energy provided by solar energy to give your organization internal efficiencies and support its place as a responsible business in New Jersey.

What are the financial incentives available to businesses who want to switch to solar energy in 2023?

Investing in solar energy for business use can bring significant financial savings over the long term. The 30% solar federal tax credit is a great incentive for businesses to make the switch. Furthermore, in some states, businesses may qualify for renewable energy credits or certain grants that provide additional funds. Additionally, when the solar installation is depreciated on taxes, businesses may take advantage of an accelerated depreciation schedule which offers more immediate benefits. For many companies, these incentives are too good to pass up and can be a great source of savings and added sustainability.

How do I know if my business property is right for solar energy  in 2023?

Installing solar panels on your business property can be a great way of having a long-term and cost-cutting power solution. The first step you is to have a qualified commercial solar energy company conduct an analysis of property to check if it’s suitable for installing solar panels. They will look at your property as a whole to identify the locations available for producing clean energy. With comprehensive property analysis, you also need to explore finance options available in order to decide which one works best with your budget needs. Geoscape Solar offers many solar financing options including traditional cash, lease, loans, and Power Purchase Agreements.

What are the long-term benefits of using solar energy in 2023?

Solar energy has immense potential to meet our energy needs in a sustainable fashion. By switching to commercial solar energy, not only can individuals and businesses save money on fixed utility bills, but using this renewable resource offers the added bonus of reducing our overall carbon footprints. Solar energy offers us a way of producing clean energy without creating pollution or harsh emissions. Furthermore, it’s reliable and efficient as well as extremely cost-effective over time. Investing in solar technology now can lead to tremendous long-term benefits for both personal and large-scale applications. In addition, it paves the way for a greener future, and allows you company to achieve renewable energy goals with a smaller carbon footprint.

How do I determine which solar energy companies are “qualified” solar energy partners in 2023?

Simply put: Experience and Reputation. Geoscape Solar has now been in business for 15 Years. Geoscape Solar has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and accredited by SEIA (Solar Industries Association) and registered with the  New Jersey Sustainable Businesses Association. We are members of  Amicus Solar Cooperative which allows us to obtain best pricing on products and execute the best practices in the solar industry. Geoscape Solar has been named by NJBIZ  as a Top Green Energy Company and in the Top 250 Small Businesses.

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Solar energy is a great way for New Jersey business owners to cut costs and fight global warming.  In addition to the numerous financial incentives available to help offset the upfront cost of commercial solar energy installation, solar panels will last for decades and produce green energy with minimal maintenance required.

Geoscape Solar has helped countless businesses in New Jersey make the switch to solar energy, and we’re confident we can do the same for you.  It’s 2023 – What are you waiting for? Contact us today to start saving the planet while turning a profit!