Morey’s Piers has been investing in commercial solar power since 2018, when the company made a big decision to harness the power of the sun and offset their energy consumption, installing 901 P17 345-watt solar panels on the roof of several maintenance buildings (located at 2710 Boardwalk). Next, Morey’s installed solar panel systems on the Pan-American and Port Royal Hotels. Then, in December 2019, the Runaway Tramcar ride received a solar treatment, with the addition of a set of panels on its loading station, followed by the cabanas at PigDog Beach Bar during the summer of 2020.

Morey’s recent investment in solar power includes the addition of a solar canopy on its newest parking lot located on Ocean Avenue between Juniper and Ocean Avenues. The installation of these solar panels signifies the Morey organization’s continued commitment to improve sustainability and conservation on and off its piers.

The 1,050 SunPower 435-watt panels installed on the solar canopy covering the parking lot maximizes the available roof space to provide renewable energy for Morey’s Surfside Pier.

“Adding carports will provide Morey’s additional renewable Energy for Surfside Pier and shade from the hot summer sun for their guests, “says Kevin Hamm, Senior Solar Advisor for Geoscape Solar, the company that provides the solar panels for Morey’s.  “It makes a huge statement about Morey’s long-term commitment to the community and sustainability.”

Overall, the 457kW solar canopy will generate 615,000-kilowatt-hours of clean electricity per year, remove 587,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air, plant 4,399 trees on our planet, and 660,380 miles driven on our roads. Since installing their first Geoscape Solar installation on their maintenance pier, Morey’s has helped remove 2,691,000pounds of CO2 emissions from the planet. That’s equal to 235,000 trees planted on our planet and 28,609 million miles driven on our roads.

In addition to all the environmental benefits of solar energy, there are also financial benefits to solar, such as savings through lowering monthly electric bills and state and federal tax credits to reduce the cost of a solar system.

“Overall, these have been big investments, and ones that have paid off, both in energy saved and on the electric bills,” says Joe Cleary, Morey’s CFO. “We’ve been pleasantly surprised at the results of our investment in solar. Combining our savings on electricity with incentives New Jersey provides businesses that use solar, we expect to pay off the upfront investment within four years.”

Geoscape Solar has designed all of Morey’s solar power projects and installed the panels.  “Morey’s Piers has always been a New Jersey name synonymous with family,” said Lee Watson, chief operating officer, and partner at Geoscape Solar. “We are thrilled that Morey’s continues to choose Geoscape Solar to partner with to achieve their long-term financial and environmental goals.”

The installation of solar power signifies the Morey organization’s continued commitment to improving sustainability and conservation on its three piers. The company also added additional commercial solar power to its Starlux Hotel, which includes EV Chargers and generates 70,000-kilowatt-hours of clean, green energy.

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This article originally appeared on 4.21.22 as a press release on Morey’s Piers and Waterpark’s website. Click Here to read it in full.