Auto Dealerships are taking advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of installing solar energy in a time when energy inflation is out of control. As more electric vehicles (EVs) are featured in auto dealership showrooms, the demand for electricity has grown. This is on top of the fact that most Auto Dealerships consume more energy than typical office buildings due to expansive, hyper-lit parking lots, machinery, massive computer use, large expanses of glass walls, and high ceilings.

Why are Auto Dealerships Turning to Solar Energy to “Rev Up” Revenue?

A fast Return on Investment (ROI) and a lower monthly electric bills both top the list as to why Auto Dealerships are turning to solar energy as a way to add to their revenue stream and boost their bottom line.

A commercial solar energy system typically has an ROI of 3 – 4 years due to the multiple Federal and State Solar Incentives which significantly mitigate the cost of an upfront payment. After the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the current combination of the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC), New Jersey State Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), Accelerated Depreciation, REAP Grants, and Net Metering make this an optimal time to make the switch to solar energy.  Your monthly electric bill saving begins the day your solar energy system is turned on.

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When an auto dealership produces its own solar power, they are no longer dependent on their utility company or impacted by rate hikes like the one New Jersey residents experienced this past June. Solar Energy ensures that Auto Dealerships enjoy predictable monthly electric bills and increased revenue.

National Utility Rates line graph shows that utility rates have been rising. Another graph shows the New Jersey Utility company rate hike in June 2023.

Commercial solar energy panels are a safe, long-term investment for Auto Dealerships. It doesn’t matter if the market is Bear or Bull, your solar energy system will produce green energy no matter what the numbers are at the closing bell. Commercial solar energy panels are built to last for 25 – 40 years, providing a long-term stable source of energy for multiple decades.

Let Your Property Work for You

Kindle Auto saved money with solar carports from Geoscape SolarIf you have an unobstructed roof, room on your property, or your parking lot, why not fill them with solar panels and let your hard earned asset cover your electrical usage?

Installing solar carports in parking lots is a popular option for Auto Dealerships. Solar Carports are a source of green energy, provide shade for cars, and it creates an additional revenue stream when combined with the installation with electric vehicle chargers. Other benefits include the fact that solar energy increases your property value as it is more desirable to buy an auto campus with fixed energy costs. Or, if you decide to sell your auto dealership down the road, you can retain ownership of the solar energy system and lease the energy back to the new owners.

Discover more more about how Geoscape Solar can save your business money

Adopt Solar Energy & Boost Your Brand

Commercial Solar Design & Installation at Franklin Mutual Group generates 586,189 kWh annually.Installing a commercial solar energy system at your auto dealership can provide benefits that go beyond cost savings. Consumers increasing awareness of the carbon footprint we are leaving and are more likely to choose companies that market themselves as sustainable and environmentally conscience. A company with sustainability goals is more likely to be viewed more favorably. This can help to improve the dealership’s brand image and increase customer loyalty. As an added bonus, by going solar or installing EV chargers, Auto Dealerships are supporting the growth of the electric vehicle market.

Interested Revving Up your Auto Dealership’s revenue?  Click Here to discover the potential of solar energy savings at your Auto Dealership or Contact Geoscape Solar at 1.877.GEO.SUN.1 to schedule a complimentary phone consultation. Geoscape Solar has partnered with multiple auto dealerships and helped lower their operating costs by converting to solar energy. With a 15 year track record of delivering high quality commercial solar energy projects and exceptional customer care, Geoscape Solar is a trusted commercial solar provider in the New Jersey energy market.

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