Any property owner who has looked into converting to solar energy most likely discovered that the 30% Solar Federal Tax Credit (ITC) ends on January 1, 2020.  This solar tax credit is remains available for solar installation costs for solar energy systems installed in 2019. This deadline might give property owners the false impression that they have until December 31st to decide whether or not to go solar. However, the day you sign your solar contract is not the day your project is eligible for the Solar Federal Tax Credit or NJ SRECs.

Geoscape Solar makes going solar as easily and as quickly as possible. However, no solar company can bypass the time gap between date of signing, getting solar permits from your town, permission from your utility company, ordering materials, scheduling your property for installation, installing your solar panels and getting Permission to Operate (PTO) after installation. If any solar company tells you that they can get around any of these things – don’t believe them! Any reputable NJ solar installer should transparently inform you that depending on your town and the specifics of your solar project, the timeframe from the date of signing your solar contract to the date of solar energy production can be anywhere from 12 – 21 weeks.


Thanks to multiple tax incentives and a government commitment to reversing climate change, New Jersey is now the hottest Clean Energy Economy in the US! This is great news for The Garden State… but it also means that the number NJ Solar Energy Projects is exploding. High demand for solar has also been fueled as the result of 2019 being the last year to receive the full 30% Federal Tax Credit. The ITC will ultimately disappear for residential solar projects and permanently drop to 10% for commercial solar systems.

This unprecedented growth in the Solar Industry means that installation time slots are filling up quickly. The transition to solar could potentially take several months depending factors such as permitting speed, HOA processes, and utility provider backlog.

If you’re even considering converting to solar energy, we encourage property owners to take advantage of Geoscape Solar’s complimentary solar assessment of your commercial or residential property. Bypass getting caught in a scheduling rush which could limit your ability to receive a full 30% tax credit.  




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